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Each applicant is required to submit a letter along with their application. The topic of the letter should be: How Sport Have Or Will Change My Life?

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(Optional) By Checking this box you are consenting to submit a photo of de your athlete to SFTYS for the purpose of displaying on the foundations website and other social media.Please send athlete’s photo (preferably in sports uniform) to

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If you are selected, SFTYS will pay your scholarship award directly to the sports organization of your choice. If selected for a scholarship, we do require parents to invest a $25 commitment fee. This will be deducted from the approved scholarship amount and will not be paid directly to SFTYS.

If the sports organization you are applying for has in-house funding assistance we require that you apply for that assistance before moving forward with a SFTYS scholarship.

SFTYS has a maximum scholarships award of $250.00 per application.
It is within our mission to award scholarship funding to low income families seeking assistance with registration and monthly sports tuition fees. We do not award funding for travel expenses or sports equipment.

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Once we have reviewed your application and letter, and if selected for a scholarship, we will send you an acceptance letter with a link to invest your Commitment Contribution. Once you have invested we will process your scholarship and send payment to the requested sports organization.

By signing this application, you are giving permission for your child to pursue a SFTYS Sports Scholarship. You also agree to give permission to SFTYS to share your child’s letter on the Foundation’s website and other social media. All additional information will not be shared.

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Thank you for reaching out to Strong Family Through Youth Sports for funding assistance. We will closely review the information you provided and after careful consideration we will reply to you with our decision.